Let me introduce myself

Marina Taran

I'm delighted to welcome you on my webpage.


I'm a coach, trainer, presenter, facilitator, management consultant with over 10 years of experience.

In 2017 I was rated 3rd of Most Influencing Woman 
in Ukraine Women 500.

I'm the President of EMCC
European Mentoring & Coaching Council

and a Key Host HeadHunter of
TV-show "Interns"
by Novy Channel

If you ask me what’s the leader’s best friend on the career growth, with no hesitations I’d say - me and EVERY executive coach brining the right amount of challenge into leaders’ mindset to get it to the next level.

Training, workshops, facilitations

In my leadership, people management and sales/negotiations trainings I use video-analyses and on-site supervision all the time. On my professional understanding this is what makes the huge turning experience in the adult education.



The training that makes you get the most wanted skills of reading people emotions and thoughts in only 2 days.

Intensive practice in the end of 2nd day - the role play "Guilty / Not guilty" where we have two participants with special instructions as two friends working for the company where lack of good was found out and all the rest of group is the police team investigating who is guilty out of these two.

IMG_9459 (1).JPG

Executive presence & public speaking

We practice tools of verbal and non-verbal communications to influence the board of directors (in the role play) to take the decision that you believe is the best for the company in this period.

After all we share the thoughts of video analyses to improuve the executie presence tools and state of mood.