I am accredited Senior Practitioner coach, by European Council of Mentoring and Coaching in 2011, with certificate of Organizational coach-consultant by Wiesbaden Postgraduate Institute.

Since 2005 my clients represent owners, C-level and top managers of large Ukrainian and international corporations, talents to promote, political and social leaders. I'm pleased to know what they say about our work.

I am also a co-founder of “GOLDEN STAFF” Agency, rated Best of Recruitment Agencies in 2017.

Besides this I’m a business trainer (leadership and negotiations are my key topics) and group/individual psychotherapist certified in gestalt and NLP.


Coaching clarifies the problem by prioritizing, adding/elaminating, doubting/reinsuring, searching and reformulating. Clarity in mind gives emotional stability. And this is the most wanted balance of today's Leaders: clear confidence in self, others and the goal in the very unclear world

Coaching main task is to transfer to client's mindset two skills  - challenging questions and self-analyses. This ultimately will make him autonomous and self-coach. 

I’m a highly skeptical person and I learned how to turn it to the benefit of my profession. I am good at “monitoring” thinking pattern while client describes the matter. Then we get down to dialogue where my client can take an “outside” look to the situation and himself. I “walk” my client through the coaching process openly so he understands its logic and grow self-coaching ability. 

Client usually knows well what needs improvement. If not "know", they always feel something is not working good enough. They need coach to confirm and support their will of self-improvement and see how they can achieve it in the most effective way. Coach here is just to be nearby as a professional and interested listener, able to draw attention to vague issues. My main impression of Executive Coaching is me, holding the mirrow and client, cleaning it up to see himself.

“Make sure you have hired exactly a coach,
rather than group support.
Many coaches build a “profitable” relationship with the customer: praise his every action.
But the constant praise are useless.
Coach, sticking with professional ethics,
not scattered praise.
— How to get the most out of executive coaching, Steven Berglas, https://hbr.org


Sometimes my clients tell me I’m provocative coach. And I agree - understanding that they openly tell it to me, so we have respect and alliance in place. I am honest and steady. I am honest not to hide my comments from my client. I always make sure that I choose the way to say it so that he can really benefit from it. I ensure my professional honesty and “all-for-client-benefit” principals working with my supervisor.

My style is direct, not hard. Yes, I am not "baby-sitting". The reason is simple: I work with leaders, they're strong so they seak for improvement by getting an honest and high-standard feedback without me trying to find nice words to support what still needs to be done.

I'm honest and direct because I believe in ability to handle the true and open feedback from professional. Everybody appreciate it.

To the question “what would you have called the most important achievement of coaching?”, 43% of top managers called the skill of conflict management.
— Stanford University 2013 - Executive Coaching Survey By David F. Larcker